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Online Courses

We assist students prepare for the exams in the comfort of their own home.

Once you register your login details are sent to you prior to your course starting date which you will use to study online material updated regularly and attend web seminars.

You will be required to come online for the tests according to the schedules and take the test with your web cam switched on.

The web cam is required as part of the interactive approach and for the strict supervision.

One of our many teachers assigned to your group would once a week conduct the tests and discuss them while watching you on the webcam to ensure discipline on your part.

On-site courses

The practical Course is held at various venues to assist students prepare for the clinical exam. The same level of coaching and expertise as in Australia, is provided in various countries at much less expense. The student does not have to worry about the visa and accommodation and can study in peace for their exams. They get clear view of the clinical exam and how it is conducted. They get to practice the techniques and viva as required in the exam.


Doctor's Pulse is pleased to announce "The Best Teacher Award".
We have been helping students pass the Australian Dental Council Exams for ....
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